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Ration Card

How to get name of member deleted in case of death or division of family

  1. To get name of member/members deleted in the case of death ofdivision of family, the consumer (card holder) will apply in the prescribed form D-I (annexure-I) either in the office of DFSC/AFSO/IFS in whose jurisdiction his residence falls. These application forms available in the office of DFSC/AFSO/IFS.

  2. He will submit to attested photos passport size, of his family alongwith the application form.

  3. The applicant will apply in the prescribed form D-I alongwith death certificate from the Registrar of births and deaths/village chowkidar in the caseof division of family, the applicant will submit the same to the concerned office for the new ration card.

  4. The consumer will get a slip indicating the date as to when he should contact the concerned office for collecting the ration card. This will be normally two weeks after the date of submission of the application form.

  5. The Sub-Inspector/Inspector will varify the particulars by physical visiting the residence of the applicant and making necessary enquiries and he will also consult voter list/census record while making recommendation. After considering the recommendation, the DFSC/AFSO will issue the ration card and paste one copy of family photograph on the same.

  6. The ration card can be collected by the applicant from the office of District Food and Supplies Controller/ Assistant Food and Supplies Officer/Inspector Food and Supplies where he submitted his application (Form D-1).


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